Jeff Schwartz is an award-winning strategic communications business talent with more than 20 years of success and strong project management, organizational and interpersonal skills. Mr. Schwartz is a media, public and investor relations expert, with thousands of appearances on TV, radio, and in print, trade and online press worldwide. A strong spokesperson, communicator and C-suite trainer, he is a positive, energetic, and detailed-oriented problem solver. He is a frequent guest speaker, and obsessed with quality, customer service and high-performing teams. Clients from Fortune 500 firms, agencies and government leaders to startups and Venture Capital view him as a virtual executive communications resource:
  • Global success innovating communications, media and public relations, crisis and issues management, marketing, digital and business development programs
  • National honors for leadership in stakeholder relations, quality and process improvement
  • Distinction in the public and private sectors, including Fortune-500 energy, environment, and national security, and in U.S. education, healthcare, science, technology and the news media
  • Proficiency in energy, environment, defense, science, and technology development
  • Experience in Australia, China, Malaysia. and Asia Pacific
EXECUTIVE OVERVIEW: With a master's degree (Phi Kappa Phi), Mr. Schwartz applies his passion for customer satisfaction and quality through a unique industry, government and media success record:
  • Inventing communication programs to earn unprecedented stakeholder support
  • Representing high-visibility issues via 5,000+ media quotes, including classified events
  • Pioneering digital strategies, apps and content for global use
  • Authoring thousands of news releases and online articles to drive reputations
  • Training CEOs, astronauts, SMEs, and elected and civic leaders for public success
  • Leading Quality and Process-Improvement teams to earn national awards
  • Blogging before a public Internet existed, becoming a digital strategy leader
  • Creating, managing, coding and designing the busiest B2C healthcare websites
  • Designing nationally-honored online branding campaigns, including B2B partnerships
  • Managing TV newsrooms, and anchoring and reporting news accurately under deadline pressure for ten years in Ill., Mich. and N.M.
  • Appearing as an official spokesperson on network TV, print, electronic, and new media worldwide, representing issues critical to U.S. interests
  • Developing capital plans and winning RFPs worth $100M+ in new funding
  • Strategic Communications
  • Integrated Media, Social, Public, and Investor Relations
  • Project Management
  • Executive Communications
  • Business & RFP Development
  • Multimedia Journalism: Anchoring, Reporting, Blogging
  • Strategic Planning
  • Digital Strategy, Content, Apps, and Analytics
  • Crisis and Issues Management
  • Key Messaging
  • CEO Training & High-Performance Team Building
  • Media Training
  • Press Tours
  • Clean Energy
  • Quality
  • 24/7 on-call support
Schwartz has appeared as an official spokesperson on the ABC-, CBS-, CNBC-, CNN-, CBS-, NBC-, FOX-, PBS-, and BBC-TV networks, and in The WSJ, Associated Press, Business Week, Nature, Scientific American, TIME, USA Today, W. Post, the NYTs, and trade and online media worldwide.

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