Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Google Doodles Its Logo

Can you spot the change in Google’s logo?

Stephanie M. Lee writing for The Tech Chronicles:
"The Mountain View search giant recently moved the second “g” one pixel to the right and the “l” one pixel down and one to the right, apparently to improve the logo’s readability (because it was so difficult to read before)."

Look closely:

Google's logo change.

Google's logo change did not hurt its image with investors:

Google Class A stock on a tear. $GOOGL

A week ago, Google's Class A stock scored a triple top breakout.

That's a bullish technical pattern.

As in, more Wall Street upside.

A point-and-figure view gives the stock a preliminary $665 target.

Picture, I mean, "pixel" that.

It was up $11 today, alone.

Google doodling its logo.

The business of branding.

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