Thursday, May 29, 2014

Apple's Intriguing Hints

Apple Intriguing Hints Ahead of WWDC

Seen Apple's WWDC 2014 App?

You should.

Apple's events are teasingly, secretly, playfully intriguing:

"This is Our Little Secret"

"Shhhh, Can't Tell You Yet":

"This One is Sealed." And: "It's Confidential."

"You'll Find Out in a Few Days":

"No Comment Yet." And: "Our Lips Are Sealed on This One."

Plus, Star Wars:

"Star Wars Past, Present and Future." And: "You'll Never Guess."

I don't know what's coming.

Can't recall Apple being so open about its secretiveness.

Like it.

Apple will stream WWDC's Keynote presentation "live" at 1 p.m. EST, June 2.

At that time, much more will be revealed.

Got a hunch.

This could be next-era good.

Update - Here's what I do know. Apple's stock is ripping:

$APPL above 8, 21, 50MAs. Very bullish.

Apple is up $21 this week. Some 3.46 percent.

Riding above key technical moving averages.

Ahead of WWDC, investors like what they see.

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