Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Google Gives Away Money

Send business to Google Apps; Make Money

Carolyn Said writing in The Tech Chronicles:

"Google is offering a $15 bounty for every new user of Google Apps for Business referred by a current user. But it’s not as simple as signing up mom, dad and your hamster. This offer is for new business customers. You score the $15 bounty for each of the first 100 users at a new business customer who pay for at least 120 days of Google goodness."

But why give away money?

Think long term.

Each new customer will probably pay for that $15 many times over.

Plus, the tech-media giant can afford to dish it out.

Google has plenty of money:

$GOOG Weekly Chart: Stock near an all-time high

Google's weekly chart is an exquisite image of a stock in a strong uptrend.

Technically, the stock is riding the 8MA.

That's not just bullish.

It's extremely bullish.

In fact, at $1211 a share, Google is just $18 from an all-time high.

What to do with that financial strength?

Make more cash.

By giving some to you.

Each new, business Google App user could return that initial $15 back to the company in buckets.

The firm also benefits because time spent on referrals is your time, your work.

So, how do you get in on the cash-action?

Google it for the details.

You saw that one coming, I'm sure.

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