Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day Over Generations

In pre-school:
  • Someone delighted by my arts & crafts.
In high school:
  • Someone mom reminds me to thank. Afterward, his smile makes me feel glad that I did.
In 20s:
  • Someone you can't wait to call. Both of you share ups, downs, moments, ideas, dreams. We are now friends, too.
In 30s:
  • Someone who can't wait to hear about your life as a father: "How is MY grandson." (Can still feel the smile in his voice!) You put grandson on the phone. The circle of life so clear and joyful.
In 40s:
  • Someone you can't call anymore. Every photo you see, holiday prayer you say and memory you enjoy reminds you of his love. You talk about him. A lot. You miss him more than words.
  • You spend the entire day waiting for your phone to ring.
  • You can tell his grandson ... how blessed you are to be his dad.

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