Monday, May 20, 2013

Horrific, Monster Tornado

Deadly Tornado hits Moore, Okla., 3:30 p.m. May, 20, 2013:

“A horrific, monster tornado.”

Some 25-to-30 square miles of countryside shredded, per KFOR-TV. A "ball" of debris about 2 1/2-miles-wide clearly visible on radar:

Debris "ball" radar signature

Twisted wreckage littered the front entrance of a ruined hospital:

Track of today's beast (in orange) compared with an historic May 3, 1999 twister:

Front of what’s left of Plaza Towers elementary school, the site of much tragedy:

All Screen Capture Credits: KFOR-TV

Preliminary reports rate the tornado an EF-4; The Weather Channel found EF-5 damage.

Dramatic scenes of total destruction.

Ripped pieces of Moore sucked into the atmosphere fell from the sky 250 miles away in Missouri.

Prayers for the families.

Peace to all.

Especially the little ones.

This monster's given a rare EF-5 rating.

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