Friday, April 26, 2013

The Right Stuff Online

The Right Stuff

Gen. Chuck Yeager:
Someone asked if I've ever parachuted. Answer: Three times. I've had three more take-offs than landings.
SR-71. Very expensive specialized machine for reconnaissance.
I was asked my opinion about the F-35. It's a waste of money. Far too expensive. Give me an F-15 E - less expensive, will do the job.
Asked if I ever got sick in an airplane: Answer: Yes, 1st time I ever flew, which was just after I applied for pilot training in the Army Air Corps. While puking, I had a moment of thought: Yeager, you made a baaaaaad mistake. Bleh.
Was asked if I've ever seen a UFO? Answer: No, I don't drink before I fly.
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