Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ratings: 5 Questions for TV News Directors

Local News is not just TV, Anymore

May starts another ratings month in TV news.

Top-rated news teams approach the entire year as rating's season.

The best don't sprint.

They iterate forward, building on each day, every decade.

In the past week on social media, I've seen members of your news team:
  • Dancing and acting goofy in the newsroom via @vineapp clips
  • Arguing climate policy in Twitter spats with other TV stations
  • Posting on Facebook, but not interacting with viewers who "join the conversation" you started
  • Putting bloopers on YouTube
News directors, I'm not judging. I do have five questions for you:
  1. Do you have a social media plan?
  2. Does the social media content of your entire news team support your business objectives?
  3. Taken together, do posts from your team represent your desired brand?
  4. Are you constantly measuring your social media results?
  5. How do you know what's working?
My advice, do more of what's working.

Represent a cohesive brand.

Taken together, content should be on-message, conveying the true story of your market reputation.

So, survey the social media landscape.

Look for best practices from within your own market.

And from other markets.

Learn. Let your plan grow. One size does not fit all.

Engage both on-air and behind-the-scenes talent in your social media strategy.

Include anchors, reporters, producers and photographers. Know that all are posting.

Manage their desire for personal branding with your boss's need for company branding.

Create content, but engage and listen to us, too.

Review results of your social media plan regularly with your team.

Local news is not just TV, anymore. Social media are many channels.

Make sure your team knows how critical it is to stay on-plan.

If dancing is part of the plan, okay. Track the results.

News directors, one more question.

You have a plan, right?

If so, news team: assemble.

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