Thursday, April 4, 2013

Facebook Home: Three More Things to Worry About

"We're finally going to talk about that Facebook phone"

CEO Mark Zuckerberg's unveiling of Facebook Home worries Om Malik:
It is time to ask for simple, granular and easy to understand privacy and data collection policies from Facebook, especially for mobile. We need to ask our ... representatives to understand that Facebook wants to go from our desktops and browsers right into our home — the place where we need to be private.
The announcement provides three more reasons to worry about Facebook:
  1. Zuckerberg grinds forward like a fly that won't go away. Dogged iteration is both bothersome and inspiring. His professional growth is noteworthy.

  2. Facebook Home allows even deeper data-dives into the private parts of your online shorts and knickers than ever before.

  3. Only your okay stands between Facebook's and Zuckerberg's plan. And you'll probably buckle.
Bottom Line:
We give Facebook content for free ... because we all want Facebook to scrape more of our data ... to achieve its strategies.


Facebook stock finished more than 3 percent higher on the news.

Wall Street liked the announcement.

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