Saturday, April 13, 2013

Bordeaux Breakup: Château Latour 2012 Not for Sale

Revered French Winery Breaks With a Bordeaux Tradition

Eric Pfanner, The New York Times:
In some other wine regions, like Champagne ... producers keep the wine in their cellars until it is mature — so why not Bordeaux.
So, just like French bubbly, 2012 Château Latour is playing hard-to-get:
Latour, one of the five so-called first growths of Bordeaux — the top wines in an official classification that dates back to 1855 — is coveted like few other wines.
These are more than just wines. They are big business investments, too.

Don't want to wait for Latour? Go for a Napa, Calif., cabernet.

World class. Without international waiting games.

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