Thursday, April 4, 2013

Note to Carnival Cruise Customers: Abandon Ship

The Sinking of Carnival Cruises

Cruise "ship" Triumph breaks loose while in repair dock.

After being towed into dock.

The U.S. Coast Guard responds to the scene.
Wednesday's incident was the latest in several headline-making issues for one of the world's leading cruise lines. Four of the company's 23 ships have had problems in recent months.
Carnival Corp.'s set of high-profile problems continue.

And Carnival CEO Micky Arison? Probably at a NBA game. He likes that "Heat."

Definitely not with the media, however, answering questions.

Some say Carnival Corp. has a PR disaster. I disagree.

At this point, the firm's reputation is sinking under the weight of repeated operational and leadership failures.

Current media attention is shining a light on fundamental company issues.

The word "issues" is a polite way to say your firm is a sinking ship.

Put another way, want a case study in sustained, botched reputation management?

This is it.

Carnival leads the way in, "How not to handle crises."

Look, in times of crisis, when you're CEO, it's all hands on-deck, you first.

Instead, Arison is nowhere to be seen. Except at a Miami game.

He likes that "Heat." He's their owner.

Well, Micky, time to get onboard Carnival's systemic issues.

The ref whistled you for a technical foul several crises ago.

Your company's reputation is going down - so is investor confidence.

Carnival's stock is cratering. Wall Street votes, "Two thumbs down."

Customers, abandon ship.

The firm's leadership left long before you.

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