Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Venus Transit: Lessons for You

Venus Transit Offers Communications Lessons

One of my passions is deciphering and communicating "tough" subjects...for you, your audiences and representatives.

Science, technology, engineering, investing. Bring on your jargon, equations, stock charts, business-speak. I'm game.

Remarkable events like the #Venus #Transit make such communications easy.

Venus transits inside my home: The spot in oval lower right
Here's Venus transiting the wall inside my home.

Sunshine through binoculars created an oval of light. And then a single spot.

That spot, (oval lower right), is Venus.

My photo was totally unplanned.

I was watching the celestial event on a Google + "hangout" with astronomers from around the globe when the sun made a sudden appearance.

Rushing to seize the moment, I grabbed binoculars and turned them backwards to the sunlight.

Immediately, I saw a bright oval...and, yes, an

That dot is a planet. Venus. Inside my home. On my wall. In Colorado.

Admittedly, world-class telescopes and filters made for far more spectacular views from NASA's "live" stream.

Screen Capture and courtesy: NASA TV
There's something special seeing adults and children around the world use low-tech tactics, such as a pinhole in a piece of paper, to experience a once-in-a-lifetime moment.

The wonders of discovery delight. With some explanation and understanding, science brings people closer.

The transit of Venus brought the world closer. I observed it on social media tools all day.

The next, such event is set for 2117.

Until then, what are you doing to help connect "us" more deeply with your business, science, technology or explorations?

For now, I'll avoid advanced theories and practices of applied science or business communications.

But if you're in high-tech, a startup, R&D, academia, Wall Street, national defense or science, ask, "What could I learn?"

Venus - a planet - catalyzed widespread engagement and shared understanding.

And did so without employing communication tactics such as fear or corporate-speak.

Think about it: A single "dot" connected the world. Captivated a planet.

With the right expertise, so can you.

Be compelling.

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