Tuesday, May 8, 2012

If I Ran Your Newsroom: Put News Online

Streaming Your TV Newscasts Could be Good Business

If I ran your newsroom:
Streaming local TV newscasts "live" online...
...is a competitive advantage.

  • I just returned from back-to-back trips, one overseas, one to Michigan.
  • The trips kept me from home for most of a month.
  • While away, I tried to watch Colorado newscasts on my computer.
  • But I couldn't do so; I lacked local choices.
  • I sometimes found myself watching stations from Los Angeles and Indianapolis.
That Means?
  • That means your station lost a potential viewer, as well as online traffic.
I would've even paid-per-view for the option. I need and devour information.

Station management may find the "live" option difficult to offer for a variety of reasons.

That said, using my experience as a free test-case, make a strategic business case for streaming your content online.

Run the potential numbers.

Start with your competitor's data. They have the advantage for the moment.

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